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Slim Body Wrap

Slim Body Wrap

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Using Colombian osmotic paper with the slimming gel is crucial for enhancing its effectiveness.

The paper promotes better absorption of the gel's active ingredients, maximizing its slimming and toning effects. It also helps to reduce water retention and improve skin firmness.


  • Maximizes your workouts.
  • Stimulates thermal activity and boosts perspiration.
  • Wraps snugly around your waist, arms or bottom.
  • Slims and smooths your silhouette while you exercise.
  • Perfect for use with slimming creams.
  • Protects your waist trainer from getting dirty from slimming creams.


  • Lightweight smoothing underneath waist trainers or workout clothes.
  • Use on different parts of the body, such as waist, arms or buttocks.
  • Thermal effect increases body heat and perspiration.
  • Antiallergenic.
  • Thermal effect.
  • Recommended for use with slimming creams and shapewear garments.
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