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Up Lady

Faja Colombiana After surgery Mid Thigh Up Lady Ref. 6077

Faja Colombiana After surgery Mid Thigh Up Lady Ref. 6077

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Discover the secret to a slim and elegant figure with our High Control Short Girdle!

Designed to offer control, comfort, and style, this girdle features exceptional characteristics:

- High control and full coverage: Our short girdle provides intense control throughout the abdominal area, ensuring a slim figure and a confident appearance. Additionally, its full coverage design in the back helps maintain a straight and elegant posture.

- Posture correction: The built-in posture corrector in the girdle promotes a more upright and healthy posture, allowing you to look confident at all times.

- 3-position front closure: The front closure system with 3 positions allows you to adjust the compression according to your preferences, providing personalized comfort and control.

- Bottom zipper closure: The zipper at the bottom makes it easy to put on and take off the girdle, making it a convenient choice for daily wear.

- Natural buttocks enhancement: Our girdle not only shapes you but also naturally enhances your buttocks, adding a more attractive appearance to your figure.

- Style and durability: We have carefully selected high-quality materials that offer lasting durability and style.

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